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About Lien Express

Lien Express expertly handles all lien transactions to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and obtain the ultimate lien filing.

Vital Information

A vital part of lien approval is having the proper documentation to support your claim. Our Lien Specialists will provide direction and advice on how to start off right with your clients, beginning with the signing of the contract and making the sale. It's emphatically easier to obtain client cooperation before the work is performed, and if executed properly from the start, all documents will already be in place should a client fail to pay their bill.

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Last Owner Search

In order to file a lien, possessing a property address isn't enough. The law requires you to file with a block and lot number. Lien Express will determine the block and lot number and owner of each property based on the address you provide.

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Filing of Lien

The actual paperwork and forms are completed.

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Notification of Property Owner and Contractor

The property owner and contractor must be informed that a lien has been placed on the owner's property due to lack of payment.

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Filing of Affidavit of Service

The Affidavit of Service shows proof that the owner has been notified that a lien has been placed on his property.

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Lien Extension

When a lien is placed on a property, it will expire within one year of filing, in which case, your claim will no longer be valid. Lien Express handles all aspects of your lien, including a 30 day reminder before your lien expires. Lien Express will file a one year extension, if requested. After two years, if you wish to extend your lien, you will need to contact an attorney, as court action is necessary.

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Lien Satisfaction

When a client fulfills his payment obligation, it is your responsibility to release the lien on his property. Lien Express files lien satisfactions expediently to ensure that you completely fulfill your requirement and don't incur any damages due to negligence.

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