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In order to file a lien, possessing a property address isn’t enough. The law requires you to file with a block and lot number. Lien Express will determine the block and lot number and owner of each property based on the address you provide to ensure lien approval.

Lien Filing

Lien Express expertly handles all lien transactions to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and obtain the ultimate lien filing. Our Lien Specialists will provide direction and advice on how to start off right with your clients.

Notification of Property Owner and Contractor

The property owner and contractor must be informed that a lien has been placed on the owner’s property due to lack of payment.

Lien Satisfaction

When a client fulfills his payment obligation, it is your responsibility to release the lien on his property. Lien Express files lien satisfactions expediently to ensure that you completely fulfill your requirement and don’t incur any damages due to negligence.

"I got my money paid within 6 weeks of contacting Lien Express!"

Lien Express files your lien application speedily and accurately, ensuring filing and avoiding unnecessary delays that can be caused by mistakes and missing documents. By placing a lien on your client's property, you are severely hampering his ability to use his residence to further his financial position until you are paid for your work. Our Lien Specialists handle all aspects of the lien process, including obtaining lien extensions and lien satisfactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a lien?
Lien Express handles all aspects of filing the lien. All you need to do is provide us with the completed application form, and we'll take care of the rest, including notifying the homeowner that a lien was filed on his property.
What is a mechanic's lien?
A lien is a legal hold that is placed on any item of value, usually a property or a car, that states that the item can not be sold or used as a collateral for a new loan until the previous obligation is fulfilled. A mechanic's lien is placed by a "mechanic" on a property. Anyone who performs work which improves the value of a property, such as a contractor, plumber, or even the supplier of work materials, can place a mechanic's lien on a property. Until this debt is paid, the owner will be unable to sell his property.
When can I file a lien?
A lien can be filed at any time while the work is taking place or while you are supplying the materials, but must be filed within 8 months after the completion of the work/ materials supplied for a commercial or multifamily property and within 4 months of completion/ materials supplied for a single family home.
Can anyone place a lien on a property?
In order to place a lien on a property, you need to have actually improved the value of the property in some way with your work. For example, an interior decorator which merely advises on fashion options would not be able to use a lien to collect unpaid dues. However, a window installer, a roofer, and a painter who visibly augment the value of the home would be able to place a lien on the property they improved.
What are the benefits of filing a lien?
A lien essentially places a property owner in a stronghold lock, tying their hands behind their back, making any money that they could possibly get from their home, either through a sale or new loans, unreachable and untouchable. This is not an ideal situation for a homeowner to be in, as a property is probably the most valuable asset a person will own in a lifetime. A lien forces the homeowner to re-evaluate his decision not to pay and should usually culminate in the owner paying off his debts to ensure a lien-free property.

Recent Case Study

Drywall Subcontractor

ABC Drywall LLC performed some carpentry work on a big, new luxury condo building. After completing his work, he collected his payment, minus $85,000 that the developer was holding back because of some change orders. ABC Drywall tried to collect from the contractor, the developer, and even the owner, but was completely unsuccessful in his attempts. After a few months of running around, ABC Drywall had no other options, and as a last resort, contacted Lien Express.

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