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Lien Express has been successfully helping contractors and suppliers collect on debts for years, fostering and contributing to the development of each individual company. Our extensive knowledge and the expertise to ensures that your lien application is approved.

Applying for a lien is a complicated and sensitive process, one which must be followed meticulously and carefully to ensure that the application isn't denied, or worse, you aren't sued by your client for placing a barrier on his financial growth. At Lien Express, we make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. We are precise and exact in collection of details: we ensure that all pertinent information is present and accounted for before applying for the lien to ensure the fastest method of approval. The timing of the application is also vital, as a lien must be applied for within a certain time period in order to obtain approval: our Same Day Expedited Service ensures collection of your debt.

Our Lien Specialists are experts in the process: we can advise you, at no cost or obligation to you, as to what you should require and request from your customers before going through with a sale: the exact parameters of contracts are important to ensure that the lien is approved and will actually go into effect.

Our focus at Lien Express is to ensure that you get your just reward for all your efforts and workmanship: you deserve to be paid, and we facilitate the process by supplying you with the means to reach that goal: quick lien approvals.

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