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    1. Complete Lien Information Form

    The first step of the process involves filling out the form and providing us with all vital and necessary information regarding your lien application. You can either complete the form online or fax it to us.

    Please note that liens must be filed within a set timeframe, otherwise, the lien application will be denied

    Single Family Homes: Must be filed within 4 months of last date of delivery / work completed.

    Multi Family Homes: Must be filed within 8 months of last date of delivery / work completed.

    2. Enter Payment Information

    You can conveniently file your lien application online or by fax and pay with your credit card.

    If you wish to pay by check, please mail the application, along with a check to:

    442D Lorimer Street
    Suite 169
    Brooklyn, NY 11206

    3. Congratulations!

    You are well on your way to obtaining payment for your hard work and making today into your very own, personal Payday.

    Disclaimer: It is the client's responsibility to ensure that he has adequate proof to support his claim, such as a contract or a signed delivery slip, before filing a lien. Should such proof be missing, the owner of the property can sue for damages. Lien Express does not take any responsibility for insubstantial or false claims that are made.

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