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    It's the end of the month. You've worked hard, day after day. And you would have more to show for your efforts if not for those clients who just don't pay their bills. Read below to learn how other hard working individuals did more than just accept the situation: they set out to change the status quo and successfully obtained their suitable compensation through the services of Lien Express.

    Drywall Subcontractor

    ABC Drywall LLC performed some carpentry work on a big, new luxury condo building. After completing his work, he collected his payment, minus $85,000 that the developer was holding back because of some change orders. ABC Drywall tried to collect from the contractor, the developer, and even the owner, but was completely unsuccessful in his attempts. After a few months of running around, ABC Drywall had no other options, and as a last resort, contacted Lien Express.

    Lien Express conducted a search for information on the property and discovered that most of the condominiums were sold already. Luckily, Lien Express was able to file a lien on the remaining unsold condos. (If ABC Drywall had waited just a month or two more, he may not have had any recourse at all.) Two weeks later, the owner of the development called up ABC Drywall- they had a closing scheduled, but the title company wouldn't allow them go to closing until the lien was removed. ABC Drywall picked up a check for the full amount and called Lien Express to satisfy the lien ASAP. That same day, the owner had a filed Satisfaction of Lien from Lien Express.

    Lumber Supply Company

    CJK Lumber and Building supply sold construction material to DTC construction for a new project. Everything was moving according to plan, but towards the end of the job, the construction work took a bit longer than originally predicted. The construction loan was exhausted and the payments to CJK Lumber stopped. CJK, however was experienced in these matters, and knew better than to just wait around for a miracle to happen. They called up Lien Express and filed a lien right away. The developer ended up selling the entire project to another investment company, and at closing, CJK picked up a bank check for the complete amount due, and handed over a release of the lien in exchange.


    The TX Painting Co performed a job for a construction company. At first, the payments were made right on time, but after a while, they began to feel like the proverbial mouse on a wheel: running, but getting nowhere at all. Empty promises of tomorrow and next week proved to be mere "hold off" attempts. TX Painting called up Lien Express, who filed a lien on the property and notified the owner of the lien placement. Within 48 hours, the owner of the property contacted TX Painting and let them know that they had already paid the contractor for the painting work, but if the contractor wasn't forwarding the payment, then TX could come pick up a check from him directly, and he would deduct the amount from his next payment to the contractor. The lien was released, but more importantly, TX Painting got paid.

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